The Makita BSS501 Circular Trim Saw Equipment Is Going To Do Everything You Want

You may realize that the power tools that are being made today are not only lightweight but also run on batteries. With regards to saw systems, the Makita BSS501 is definitely one of the best battery-powered tools on the market today. We’re going to have a look at how superior the Makita BSS501 Circular Trim Saw Kit is.

It’s a very powerful saw system, as can be seen in the five and three-eight inch diameter saw blade. When it’s in the ninety degree angle, the cutting depth is two inches, and almost two inches when it is in the forty-five degree angle. The saw weighs approximately 5.7 pounds and is fourteen inches in length plus it has a no-load speed of 3600 RPMs. It isn’t tricky to control the Makita BSS501 since it has a soft and easy-to-grip handle. You can easily make precise slices. You are able to see what you are doing, no matter where you are in the house, because of the built-in L.E.D. light.

Additionally, it incorporates a built in dust blower so you’re able to easily see your progress. You will be able to reduce your slicing time in half. This valuable saw boasts a heavy gauge on a precision machined platform, which will allow you to make perfect cuts every time. You will like the precision and stability that this saw has to offer, and it is even guaranteed to be safe. You definitely will get smooth incisions every time, and this is not something that most other saw kits can say about their saw. The Makita BSS501 features a LXT Lithium-Ion battery, providing it extended battery life. It’ll last longer than other batteries and isn’t going to need frequent recharging.

The saw also contains a charger called the 25-minute Rapid Optimum Charger. It is a critically acclaimed charger that can do a lot of energy saving. The charger has the ability to control the power, voltage and the battery temperature. All of Makita’s tools comes with a 3-Year Warranty for defects. There’s only a 1-year specific warranty for rechargers and batteries.

Makita produces the very best battery-powered tools and the saw kit is not any exception. Battery-powered tools generally have the chance of running out of a charge when you least want it to, but Makita guarantees their battery will give you the power you need and last longer, so it is a matter of whether battery-powered is what you are looking for.

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